We are able to deliver and install Muuws across the continents of Europe & US (including UK, Ireland, Norway and Switzerland). We use truck transportation to move the buildings to your desired location. Please contact us for the exact transportation and installation quotes.

Soon we will deliver and install in the USA, please contact us for more information.

We are currently located in Estonia, around 30 kilometers from the capital, Tallinn.

Exact address:

MuuwSpace OÜ
Ojamaa, Maeru,
76103 Harjumaa

Muuw is a pre-built modular space, meaning it is transported in separate pieces. Composed of a strong steel structure, Muuw can easily be disassembled and split into two halves for easy transportation. It takes 1-2 days for our installation team to do the assembly.

Muuw modules are insulated with 100mm mineral wool, and is designed to be used throughout the year. The thermal transmittance of the walls, roof and floor material is 0,45 (W/m2K). To ensure extra temperature control, we use argon filled double glazed glass with thermal transmittance of 1,1 (W/m2K).

Built on a welded hot dip galvanized steel structure, each Muuw is extremely durable. The space has been tested multiple times, and it will easily hold large snow loads in places such as Sweden, Norway and Finland. It also has quiet speed controllable ventilation, as well as an effective cooling and heating system.

Muuw has a luxury air conditioner system that can easily cool down or heat up any room. Every Muuw also boasts an underfloor heating system with a digital thermostat, making it super easy to heat up or cool down the room.

Muuw has an extremely subtle exhaust duct fan that is located inside the terrace rooftop. It has the capacity to change the air of 180m3 an hour. You simply choose the amount of air change that is suitable for you.

Muuw has a very strong hot dip galvanized steel frame. If looked after well, you can expect it to last more than 80 years. Some data even shows that hot dip galvanized steel can last up to 170 years before starting to rust. In addition to its strong frame, the Muuw has 8 adjustable legs composed of stainless steel. Outside cladding consists of aluminum composite panel, making it resistant to climate change, humidity, corrosion and rust. Additionally, sunlight will not damage their durability and quality.

Muuw comes with a 2-year warranty.

Don’t worry – our installation team will install your Muuw for you, in just one day.

Muuw doesn’t need any additional foundations. With eight adjustable stainless steel legs, its special hot dip galvanized frame can easily be secured onto the ground.

Generally, there is no need for a building permit. However, it all depends on the country of installation. We suggest you contact your local authority to ask whether a permit is required.

Yes, the Muuw is built to last – even with unlimited moves. Please contact us and we will assist you.

The electrical system within Muuw can be connected into the main grid. If possible, we recommend a 3 phase system. If 3 phases are not available, we can still build it on 1 phase.

The easiest way to have internet within your Muuw is to use a wireless WiFi router. However, for good and stable connections, the Muuw has LAN cable connection already built in.

Muuw doesn’t need an unusual amount of care, however we recommend washing the facade and windows every once in a while. When ordering the terrace with pressure treated pinewood, it’s also recommended to stain it once at least every two years, to maintain a fresh appearance.

As any manufacturer would recommend, the air conditioner may require some maintenance.

Please contact us for an exact delivery time. It may vary from 8 to 16 weeks depending on your location and the number of orders we have at the moment.

Check you have an electrical cable, and an LAN cable (if you need a stable internet connection), already installed into the ground.

For the delivery day, a crane or telehandler or forklift will also have to be booked for the on-site lifting and moving.

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