...for focused work and productivity
...for reading and self development
...for zen and yoga activities relax and enjoy


A pre-built modular space, with delivery and installation all over Europe & US

Muuw is incredibly unique, and provides a sense of calm that you will never have experienced before.

The building is developed in our own factory and can be delivered to your chosen installation site in separate pieces. The assembly takes just 1-2 days depending on access to the installation area – this could be a garden, terrace, land or any outside space.

Make Muuw your own

Muuw can be used as an add-on to your main home, or placed in a completely separate area of your choice – depending on whether you’d use it for focused work, productivity, reading, self-development, hobbies or full relaxation.

Design features

The interior is a calming, personal space – fitting snugly inside the building’s hexagonal structure. Each Muuw space boasts modern interiors and vast, panoramic views. The unique exterior design also feels incredibly contemporary, using minimalistic materials combined with warm, traditional wood that is sure to attract everyone’s attention.

Just picture yourself stood in the Muuw, looking out over the horizon – we guarantee it will provide you with the feeling that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, with relaxation being the key to productivity and accomplishment.

Technical qualities

Created with durable and contemporary galvanized steel

Insulated fully for all climates

Snow load is more than 2,0kN/m2

Operatable heating and cooling systems

Luxurious floor heating

Quiet speed controllable ventilation system

Luxury led lights, both inside and outside

Double glazing to ensure good thermal efficiency

Facade composed of aluminum composite panel

Aluminium door with triple glazing

Five electrical sockets and two separate usb charging sockets

Terrace frame created with hot dip galvanized steel

Transportable and lift-able with a forklift or crane

Upgrading your wellness and productivity space has never been simpler